Analytics are for tracking. Pathview is for optimization.

Pathview records the key performance indicators that matter most without using cookies or processing personal data.

Four-Week Summary:

The Trailing Four-Week overview summarizes your website’s performance in plain English. In less than 30-seconds, you will know where you stand.

Traffic & Conversion Trend:

We include a simple graph to establish the correlation between your unique sessions and conversions. Use this section to monitor the health of your business.

Landing Page:

Pathview attributes conversions to landing pages. The landing page is where a visitor arrives. We calculate these conversion rates with hits rather than with unique sessions. We hope you will consider how often you serve these resources compared to how often they convert. This category determines your content’s efficacy.

Conversion Path:

Pathview rebuilds the conversion path for every recorded conversion. The first item, if applicable, is the referring domain that delivered the user to the landing page. Each step represents one part of the user journey that led to a conversion. The last step is always the page that converted.

Check out Pathview's example report.